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Not long ago, the only way to reach your targeted consumer was by geography, dayparts, and the hope that you were reaching the right audience. Comcast Spotlight harnesses the power of television, creating groundbreaking ways to bring brands and audiences together. This is a new era for a proven and beloved medium, and we’re here to transform what our advertisers can do with its potential.

Imagine advanced analytics and targeting capabilities that connect you to your exact customer within our authenticated audience, without waste. Imagine knowing you’ll reach a receptive audience, whether they engage on their TV at home or on their favorite mobile device.

Imagine the meaningful connection made possible when our premium video content reaches your precise audience when and where they want to enjoy great content, across our networks and beyond. That’s the power of premium video – making rich and lasting impressions on the high-quality platforms where consumers are most engaged. Advertising in all the places and times that fit your audience’s fluid lifestyle ensures a perfect fit.

Imagine transparent proof-of-performance reporting that verifies our impact on your biggest priorities throughout the purchase funnel, from awareness to affinity to your sales metrics. Imagine having all the tools you want at your fingertips and all the help you need from people who know you and your business. However you prefer to work with us, we’re by your side to guide you through what’s next in the media evolution.

Imagine getting everything you want without the tradeoffs you’re used to making. The most advanced capabilities, unprecedented scale in quality video, engagement across all screens and authenticated connections with your consumer. There’s only one partner who can do it all— Comcast Spotlight, and we’re working every day to ensure and enhance your success.

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