Marshall Landscaping


As a locally owned business competing with several nationally known brands, carving out a niche means being smart and savvy when it comes to marketing. For Marshall Landscaping of Warren, MI, offering full-service plant health services across the Detroit area, that meant using geographically and demographically targeted television and digital video advertising to do some growing of its own.


Marshall Landscaping had a clear target audience in mind: homeowners age 35 and over, with at least $75,000 in income, and who have invested in landscaping or home improvement over the past year. To help keep travel expenses low and maximize the time employees spent serving customers, the company focused on the three geographic zones surrounding its warehouse. Each television network selected for the media campaign “over indexed” for the target audience, meaning viewers were more likely than average to meet the criteria. For example, those high-income homeowners were 70% more likely than average to watch FOX Sports Detroit, one of the networks in the media mix. Others included A&E, Bravo, Hallmark, HGTV, HLN, TBS, TV Land and the Weather Channel. Marshall Landscape also took advantage of the opportunity to advertise on the Weather Channel’s “crawl”—a text advertisement at the bottom the screen during the channel’s popular local forecast segments. Marshall Landscape expanded its reach with geographically targeted in-banner video advertising, incorporating the TV commercial to reinforce messaging, engaging local consumers on and


Marshall Landscaping's video advertising clearly took root with local consumers, as the company’s digital video advertising recorded more than 13,000 engagements on and, tallying more than 2,000 minutes of exposure to the company’s message.

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