IBEW Local 175


With a history spanning more than a century, IBEW Local 175 based in Chattanooga, TN, serves eastern Tennessee, northern Georgia and portions of northern Alabama. The union counts more than 3,000 members, and operates an apprenticeship program. The union partnered with Comcast Spotlight on a multi-screen video advertising campaign to raise awareness of the many contributions it makes to the local community, such as sponsoring charities and schools and working to create middle-class jobs that support local economies. A concurrent goal was to influence local business decision makers to hire IBEW members for construction jobs. STRATEGY: To reach both audiences, the custom media plan developed for the IBEW included a mix of television networks that indexed well for reaching household decision makers and business owners, such as CNBC, Discovery, ESPN, ESPN2, FX, History, MSNBC, Syfy and USA. Digital marketing included a mix of in-banner video advertising on Xfinity.com and in-stream, pre-roll video advertising. The union’s commercials effectively illustrated its core message of “learning—working—giving” by incorporating video of IBEW members as well as highlighting its apprenticeship program and contributions to community partners.


The IBEW achieved several key objectives thanks to its Comcast Spotlight multi-screen video advertising campaign, notably including an increase in applications to its apprenticeship school. The campaign also strengthened the relationship with a contractors’ association, thanks to featuring some of that association’s work sites in the commercials. The IBEW also was able to deliver a pro-union message in the market, which it felt was an important counterbalance to what it perceived as negative messages about unions in the market.

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