GOAL Academy


A blended learning high school, GOAL Academy, based in Pueblo, CO, serves students who find traditional schools may not be an ideal fit or who aren’t being well-served in their home districts. The school combines online education with "drop-in" sites in 32 Colorado cities. A relatively new institution, GOAL Academy worked with Comcast Spotlight to educate students and families about school choice and the options available to them.


GOAL Academy's primary audience is young adults age 14-20, with a secondary focus on parents of high-school aged children. Because the school serves students across the state, it worked with Comcast Spotlight to deliver advertising in areas where there was a need and opportunity to grow its presence.

Television advertising focused on networks that addressed many students' interests: music, entertainment and sports. The plan included channels like ABC Family, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, E!, MTV, NFL Network, Spike and TBS.

In-banner video advertising on Xfinity.com was a natural fit for a primarily online school, reaching students and families as they researched educational options, with the ability to connect those consumers directly to the school's website to learn more.


Targeted multi-screen advertising helped GOAL Academy achieve its objective of increasing enrollment, with a year-to-year increase of 400 students, enabling the school to reach its enrollment target of 3,200 students.

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