City Steam Brewery Cafe


A large microbrew pub also hosting a comedy club, the City Steam Brewery Cafe in Hartford, CT, had both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity: wide appeal to many different audiences, like casual diners, families, the happy-hour crowd, wedding parties, show-goers and more. The challenge: reaching and appealing to those multiple audiences.


To connect with potential patrons, and particularly to increase visits to the pub's comedy page on its website and boost the number of comedy show admissions in the face of increasing competition, a multi-screen approach was needed. Television advertising focused on networks that matched target audiences, like ESPN, Comedy Central, Travel Channel, Food Network, Bravo and more. Online advertising was segmented by the types of audiences and featured additional content relevant to that group. For example, "foodies" could link to Urbanspoon for reviews; comedy fans could view upcoming shows and purchase tickets; while "newbies" could check out the menu to see what the pub had to offer.


  • Approximately 800 full-price comedy admissions sold per month.
  • Website visits increased 8.16% year-over-year.Unique website visitors increased 9.56% year-over-year.
  • More than 422,000 online impressions.
  • 17,598 online video views.
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