Branford Hall


When you need to reach young adults, having a presence on multiple screens is a must. For Branford Hall, a career school with multiple locations serving primarily younger adults ready to change or advance their careers, increasing awareness enrollment was a key goal, and they partnered with Comcast Spotlight to make it happen.


On television, reaching that important young adult audience was achieved through the advertising on networks like MTV, Bravo, E!, Lifetime and VH1. Online, the same commercials featured on television also reached prospective students on The commercials were enhanced with additional links to pages on the school's website and its Facebook and YouTube pages.


Increases in website traffic, inbound phone calls and requests for brochures. • Click-through rates of .12-.19 for in-banner video and .33-.45 for home-page takeovers. • The first advertising flight resulted in confirmed student enrollment.

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