The Blacklist


For millions of viewers, missing The Blacklist would be a crime. The thriller became one of TV's most watched new shows in its first year, thanks in part to a successful multi-faceted advertising campaign developed with Comcast Spotlight. This custom effort was designed to build viewership over the critical early episodes of the inaugural season.


Supporting the premiere and subsequent episodes of The Blacklist, NBC utilized Comcast Spotlight's linear (spot) television advertising and the Comcast program guide. Together, they promoted tune-in for the live episode broadcasts on Monday nights and invited viewers who missed an episode to watch it on demand. Targeted markets included Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland (OR), Sacramento, Seattle and Washington, D.C.


  • 6% higher rating in Comcast digital households vs. all other households.
  • 35% increase in commercial ratings from C+SD to C3 in Comcast digital households.
  • 21% higher C3 rating in Comcast digital households vs. all other households.
  • 9% higher average rating in markets with 30-second spots vs. national average.
  • 7% higher average rating across Comcast Spotlight local markets vs. national average.
  • 66% of Comcast Spotlight markets out delivered the NTI household rating for the series premiere; 73% out delivered the NTI for the second episode; and 63% out delivered the NTI for the third episode.
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