Cable TV’s Evolved Data Capabilities Create
A Powerful Automotive Marketing Channel

Comcast Spotlight’s Automotive Advisory Council members
discuss their industry perspectives ahead of NADA

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Research Insights and Analysis

Part of being a trusted resource for our advertisers is diligently honing industry expertise and sharing it with our partners. Whether keeping marketers informed about current trends and technology or blazing a trail with leadership of our own, we put our insights to work for your business. 

Myths of Advertising

9 Myths exposed in this informative infographic will enable marketers to get to know their audiences better. #AdvertisingMyths

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Audience-Based TV Advertising Webcast

Learn how to adopt an audience-based buying methodology to target potential customers.


Small Business Websites can be Integral to Marketing Success

Data and practical steps at your fingertips in this guide to reach your strategy goals.

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Putting Fragmented Audiences Back Together Again

Could your ad campaign benefit from fragmented audiences? A panel of media experts discuss ways to become more effective in bringing audiences together in a campaign.


The Critical Role Video Plays in Driving Web Traffic

Learn from a panel of media experts how powerful video advertising is throughout the purchase funnel


Automating and Optimizing Local TV Planning

Is ad scheduling for video automated enough to reach audiences across a fragmented local landscape? Big names in media discuss this possibility in a panel discussion.



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