Introducing The New TV

TV has undergone such transformation over the
past decade that a new name is needed to fully
represent this evolved medium.
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Research Insights and Analysis

Part of being a trusted resource for our advertisers is diligently honing industry expertise and sharing it with our partners. Whether keeping marketers informed about current trends and technology or blazing a trail with leadership of our own, we put our insights to work for your business. 

Path to Success

Navigating the New TV terrain requires a new roadmap to achieve optimal advertising results. Check out our latest infographic to learn more.



"In Other Words..."

Comcast Spotlight VP, Data Strategy explains what inspired the New TV whitepaper and how/why TV has undergone such transformation.



LinkedIn SlideShare

Consumers have unprecedented access to a proliferation of content and advertisers have unprecedented access to new sources of data. Discover what the the ad community is saying on LinkedIn.


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Regional Marketers Discuss their Strategies

In Episode 2 of the “All Advertising is Local” video series, regionally-focused marketers sit down to discuss their respective marketing tactics.earn even more, watch the full archived webcast by clicking the “View Now” button to hear from a panel of experts.



Cable TV’s Evolved Data Capabilities Create A Powerful Automotive Marketing Channel

Comcast Spotlight’s Automotive Advisory Council members discuss industry perspectives ahead of NADA.

2019: A Pivotal Year for Premium Video

 We asked industry leaders: what are the key themes that will propel the premium video economy forward this year?




TV: The Missing Piece of the Attribution Puzzle

Data and practical steps at your fingertips in this guide to reach your strategy goals.

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Top Marketers Talk Local Strategy

In Episode 1 of a new video series, “All Advertising is Local,” nationally-focused marketers sit down to discuss their local tactics.


What’s Next for Video: Predictions for 2019

On World Television Day, we’re making the top 5 predictions emphasizing all types of video content.

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Tips for Impacting Auto Sales with Cable TV

Todd Hauser, VP of Automotive Sales sits down with Car Biz Today and gives recommendations on how dealers can drive sales growth.

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Driving Dealership Growth with Targeted TV

Todd Hauser, VP of Automotive Sales sits down with Car Biz Today and gives recommendations on how dealers can drive sales growth.


Audiences & Attribution: The Next Frontier of Healthy Campaigns

Andrea Zapata, VP of Research & Insights shares the latest trends in delivering better healthcare category advertising.


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