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The continued growth of the U.S. senior population—estimated at 20% every decade1—creates new business opportunities for assisted living facilities and services. This is driving modernization and a surplus of amenities in nursing homes and similar establishments to attract future residents. Getting to full occupancy in today’s assisted living market will require the right media plan so your dollars don’t go to waste. 

Comcast Spotlight will help you reach the potential customers most interested in what your business has to offer while reducing advertising waste.

1US Census Bureau, Projections of the Size and Composition of the U.S. Population: 2014 to 2060 & Annual estimates of the resident population by single year of age and sex for the United States July 1, 2017.

Reach Influencers & Decision Makers

There typically are multiple people involved in the decisions made on behalf of older adults for their living arrangements and care. You need to be able to communicate effectively with the key decision makers as they evaluate the available options for their specific needs. Comcast Spotlight can help you with your brand messaging and multi-screen video advertising plan to reach these influential audiences.  


Assisted Living Advertising Fast Facts

During the past week, 78% of consumers seeking healthcare services have watched one or more of the powerful TV networks currently available for advertising insertion on Comcast Spotlight.2

Because we understand the viewing habits of those seeking nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement facilities, we can help you reach and engage them more effectively.3

2Scarborough  USA Plus – MRI/Mosaic, De15 -  Ap17. Total Surv ey  Area A18+. Target: Medical  Serv  HH Obtained Pst3 Y rs: Cancer/oncology  OR Cosmetic surgery  OR Cardiac care OR Correctiv e ey e surgery  OR Hospital emergency room OR Maternity  care OR Mental  healthcare OR Neurology  OR Orthopedics OR Pediatrics OR Sub.abuse,smokng,nutritn.treatmnt OR Urgent care f acility - not E.R. OR Any  overnight stay  procedure. Data and Reports  quoted therein are copyrighted by Scarborough  and are subject to any limitations  and qualifications disclosed in the Report.

3Scarborough USA+ (Jan16-Nov17): Adults 18+ who are planning to shop for Assisted Living in the next 12 months

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