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8% Age 18-34
29% Age 35-54
62% Age 55+
68% Male
32% Female
30% College Grad
22% HH Income $30K-$49,999
23% HH Income $50K-$74,999
42% HH Income $75K+
77% Own Their Home
20% Have At Least 1 Child

American Heroes Channel showcases military battles, iconic people and pivotal moments in time. Never-before-seen footage, action-packed storytelling, and eye-opening interviews offer a rare glimpse into events and battles that shaped our world, visionary leaders, and unexpected heroes who made a difference and great defenders of our freedom.

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Featured Programs

  • Against The Odds
  • Blood Feuds
  • What History Forgot
  • Forbidden History
  • Deadliest Tech
  • Mafia's Greatest Hits
  • UFOs The Lost Evidence
  • Ultimate Weapons
  • Air Aces
  • Ultimate Warfare

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