Why we’re Doubling Down on Auto

Submitted by Todd Hauser
June 14, 2019 / 09:52 AM

We are growing our Automotive Sales team, and the reason is simple: opportunity.

In this New TV landscape, consumers have more viewing options on more screens than ever before, posing new challenges for local auto marketers to reach their desired audience.

But the same factors in fueling this change in viewing behavior – data and technology – are fueling a great opportunity for auto dealers.

Data is king for dealer investments, and advances in advertising technology are enabling more data-driven capabilities for targeting and measurement. By using this data and technology, dealers can reach their desired audience across screens and spend their marketing dollars more efficiently.

Smart auto marketers that have adopted this approach are seeing greater website lift and expanded reach by spending roughly the same budget as a traditional approach.

THIS is why we’re doubling down on auto by investing in our team to be the preeminent marketing consultants for auto dealers.




Why you should join our team

Manufacturers and local dealers have been advertising on TV since the dawn of television. But everything is changing.

Auto dealers need to increasingly focus on selling, and don’t necessarily have the time to navigate the complexities of The New TV landscape. They need someone who is fluent in all the new capabilities available to them. Now, with our advanced products and solutions, our team is perfectly positioned to be media consultants for auto dealers. Note the word “consultant.” We’re evolving our team from sellers in a transactional world to consultants well-versed in all marketing disciplines.

Each and every team member is 100% committed to the auto vertical and has access to more support, advanced tools and products to be our clients’ go-to expert in premium video, audience and attribution.

Armed with Comcast viewership data, as a member of our team you will be able to provide insights into what, when, and how long audience segments are watching TV, enabling more granular insights about how particular consumer segments in local markets are viewing.


Open Positions across the Nation

At the time of publishing, positions are open across the country, from Tacoma, WA all the way to West Palm Beach, FL. Visit this link to view the most up-to-date openings and to see if there are any opportunities in your region.

Not many people have this type of opportunity in their career to be part of such a monumental change in the media industry. Add that to our culture of embracing education and professional development and celebrating success, and the sky is the limit.

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