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Where to Reach Sports Fans

Give yourself home-field advantage

Hit the target with the fans who matter most—the ones in your backyard.

How to Reach Sports Fans

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From the national powerhouses to the hometown heroes, your business can reach all the fans.


Ready to get a jump on the competition? Check out these tools for your marketing playbook.
  • Sports Calendar

    It’s always sports season! This calendar helps you keep track what your customers will be watching all year.

  • Reports

    Get the scoop on all things sports-related from teams that know the score.

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Where to Reach Sports Fans

Give yourself home-field advantage

When it comes to big audiences, nothing delivers like premium sports action:

  • 80% of U.S. homes tuned in to the 2016 Rio Olympics—that’s 198 million viewers on TV alone.*
  • The 2016 NBA Western Conference Finals on TNT averaged 9.9 million viewers, and the Eastern Conference Finals on ESPN averaged 5.6 million viewers.*
  • The 2016 Major League Baseball NLCS on FS1 averaged 7 million viewers.*
  • The 2016 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball championship game averaged 15.8 million viewers on TBS, TNT and truTV, peaking at 19 million viewers in the game’s thrilling final minutes.*

Whether you need to reach those viewers all across the country, in one region or city, or even just in your neighborhood, we can help make it happen. Our geographic targeting tools put your marketing muscle to work where your best customers live, work and watch their favorite teams. You’ll get all the local fans you need with pinpoint precision—that’s what you call a smart play.

*Source: Nielsen Year in Sports Report: 2016, February, 2017

Where to Reach Sports Fans