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Utilize an exciting array of opportunities to engage users of Comcast’s popular consumer portal.

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As a division of Comcast cable, Comcast Spotlight can leverage an impressive portfolio of media solutions to provide our clients with the most advanced and effective TV and Online advertising campaigns.

We work with numerous small businesses and large advertisers to create advertising solutions that get proven results. Your commercial can be inserted on 40+ highly rated cable networks and XFINITY.com, where people are connecting with their daily lives, allowing advertisers to choose the best mix for reaching their target audience.

The Springfield - Holyoke market offers the ability to geographically target your customer within 40 distinct selling zones or across the full market DMA. We offer the most powerfully branded networks on cable featuring programming options such as news, weather, movies, sports, music, food, fashion, and travel.

Our production team offers complete commercial production covering everything from pre to post-production.  Our award winning creative staff takes great pride in creating commercials that command attention and get results. 
At Comcast Spotlight we offer more than just commercial time. We work with advertisers to maximize their investment by identifying the opportunities that will best meet their objectives.
These include:

Whether you advertise in multiple markets or are looking to target locally, Comcast Spotlight has the ability to run your message across dual-screens increasing the potential to reach key household decision members in the precise markets – and zip codes. We look forward to customizing an advertising solution on the networks people are watching, during programs getting the most visibility, engaging the right customer for you!