Market #33

Most Unique DMA in the United States

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

Market Flash

Put your business in front of a Utah audience of avid College Football fans with ESPN's coverage of the Rose Bowl, Discover Orange Bowl, Allstate Sugar Bowl, Tostito's Fiesta Bowl and the Discover BCS National Championship
Put your advertising message in the front of XFINITY customers as they connect to all things Awesome!
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Connecting Advertisers and Customers.

Salt Lake City is a unique market with a myrad of outdoor enthusiast SL20Mountain20backdrop20Thumb.jpgexperiences available. Utah remains a popular destination for both locals and visitors to experience the outdoors, every season of the year.  People from all walks of life come to Utah to enjoy the mountains and the beauty of our unique rock formations found no where else in the world.

Salt Lake City ranks the 33rd largest U.S. market with 348,000 cable households served by Comcast Spotlight.  Yet, Salt Lake City ranks 23rd U.S. market in Teens 12-17, 21st in Children 2-11, and 20th in Adults 18-34.  In addition to being young, Salt Lake City is a highly educated and economically diverse market.

90% of Salt Lake City's market population resides in the metro counties known as the Wasatch Front.  The Wasatch Front includes Salt Lake City, Davis, Weber, Utah, Wasatch, Summit and Tooele Counties.

Research shows cable subscribers tend to be more affluent, so advertisers can efficiently reach qualified viewers with discretionary income.  Our viewing audience is showing consistent growth and can allow advertisers to target by program or by geography.

Those who target georgraphically may choose any combinations of 16 zones, to communicate with viewers in their primary business areas.  This technology enables advertisers and marketers to focus and communicate to their core audience.

Today your customers are surfing the net, selecting video on demand or tuning into their favorite cable network.  Comcast Spotlight connects you with your customers, whether it's Online, On air, or On demand.  Comcast Spotlight offers 44 ad insertable cable networks in the Salt Lake market.  For advertising purposes, Comcast Spotlight is THE ONLY source to benefit from these network environments in Salt Lake City.

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