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Advertising solutions made easy!
Comcast Spotlight’s multi-screen solution includes television and online advertising, integrating your message to consumers in a more engaging and impactful way.
Connect online with millions of potential customers more efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy through our cutting-edge technologies.

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We provide advertising solutions.
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Reaching and engaging customers today means going beyond the traditional ad campaign. It means selecting multiple networks to target your ideal customers. It means inviting viewers to connect with you through interactivity. It means featuring your ad on TV, online and anywhere consumers go for their content.Your goals are unique, and so is the way you market your business. Our multi-screen advertising solutions are designed to help you target customers with precision.

We’re here to make it easy.

We have a wide variety of networks and online platforms,and we’ve made it easy to target viewers exactly the way you want.
Whether you’re looking for hundreds or thousands of “just the right” customers, Comcast Spotlight can help you reach them– every time, every way.

We’re your media consultants.

We’ve created an advertising marketplace for businesses, of every size, to leverage our multi-screen capabilities, insightful marketing intelligence and innovative promotional opportunities.
We have the experience and will help you tap into today’s consumers– who are always “on” through their mobile phones, computers and TVs.

Targeting is our specialty.

Whether looking to reach one neighborhood, an entire state or a full market, Comcast Spotlight offers the maximum delivery of your message– both geographically and demographically.