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Panama City

Panama City

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Geo-Targeting focuses in on groups of zip codes (zones) to target advertising more effectively and efficiently.
We offer a variety of digital products to allow your business to stand out online. In banner video (IBV) and video pre-roll are two examples of how your ad can be enhanced on,

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Panama City, also known as the Emerald Coast for its clear waters and white beaches, serves as a popular vacation destination for sun-seekers and the college crowd during spring break.

Comcast Spotlight in Panama City is the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable located in the Panama City market. With more than 40 well-recognized networks, 3 selling zones, online, and on demand offerings, Comcast Spotlight has a wide-range of advertising solutions that allow local, regional, and national advertisers the opportunity to effectively target their core audience. Comcast Spotlight provides advertisers with innovative and diverse advertising options that reach target consumers and deliver excellent results.


With over 40 powerful network brands on which you can market your business, you can geographically target within 4 distinct selling zones.The Panama City Interconnect is your single source for buying Cable covering the entire DMA. The Panama City Interconnect offers some of the most powerfully branded networks on cable television that have an unparalleled array of programming options such as news, weather, movies, sports, music, food, fashion, and travel.

At Comcast Spotlight in Panama City we offer more than just commercial time. We work with advertisers to maximize their investment by identifying the opportunities that will best meet their objectives.

These include:

We look forward to helping you put your message on the television networks people watch, in the programming that people care about, giving you the audience that matters most to you!



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