Comcast Spotlight Chicago serves the nation’s third largest market by providing video-based advertising solutions for local, regional and national advertisers. Our technology and trusted partnerships allow us to distribute your message to over 2.5 million cable, telco and satellite households across TV, online and mobile devices.

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Chicago Bears Advertising

Get in on NFL action this fall

With nearly 40 of the NFL’s biggest games, Comcast Spotlight provides incredible access to your local customers in Monday Night Football on ESPN and Thursday Night Football on The NFL Network.

In 2017, Comcast Spotlight networks will feature three Chicago Bears divisional games. 9/28 @ Green Bay on NFL Network, 10/9 vs Minnesota on ESPN, & 12/16 @ Detroit on NFL Network.

ESPN’s Monday Night Football schedule will feature at least one appearance by all 12 playoff teams from 2016 while the NFL Network schedule features 11 of the 12 playoff teams at least once.

Chicago Bears Advertising