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    Fremont Christian School

    Education local advertising success story


    With enrollment at less than capacity, Fremont Christian School of Fremont, CA, saw an opportunity to develop a new marketing campaign that would educate the community about all the private school had to offer. The school worked in partnership with Comcast Spotlight on a multi-screen effort to spread the word and grow total enrollment by five percent across all grade levels, preschool through 12th grade.


    The “Big Opportunity—Small Environment” campaign targeted families with children under 18, digging even deeper to focus on families with two working parents and an annual income of more than $100,000. The plan was designed to reach families that tended to view family-oriented TV, particularly with a message that aligned with the school’s values. To maximize return on investment, advertising was targeted to the community in the Fremont area.

    TV advertising included a prominent placement on A&E’s Duck Dynasty. Based on the criteria of homes with school-age children and the desired income, the remainder of the school’s TV schedule included networks like ABC Family, Animal Planet, CNN, Discovery, ESPN, Food Network, FOX News and HGTV.

    Geographically targeted digital advertising included high-visibility “skyscraper” banner advertising on, extending reach and frequency within the Fremont community.


    Fremont Christian School didn’t just meet its goal to grow enrollment by five percent, it doubled that figure with an overall 10% increase. At the preschool level, enrollment increased 23% (and now has waiting lists), a vital opportunity to retain students for their entire educational career. Elementary enrollment grew nine percent, and secondary enrollment grew five percent, with three grades completely full.

    The campaign’s results led the school to produce a series of new commercials to build on its success in positioning Fremont as the premiere private school in its community.

    Fremont Christian School