Tap Into the Power of Cable TV to Reach Millions of Voters

Political Advertising

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Political Advertising
Political Advertising
Tap Into the Power of Cable TV to Reach Millions of Voters

Audience fragmentation for advertisers has become more of a challenge than ever before but fortunately Comcast Spotlight is uniquely positioned to help advertisers reach and assemble fragmented audiences: across multiple networks and screens. And with more elections decided by smaller margins, reaching every prospective voter is crucial.

It's All About Video

Well over half of all television impressions take place on advertising-supported cable networks. That means the voters who can make the difference in an election aren’t just watching the news: they’re spending their Sunday nights with Mad Men and The Walking Dead; their evenings with the NFL, the NBA and the NHL; and their late nights with Conan and Colbert—all on cable.

What’s more, they’re multitasking more than ever before. While they’re watching one show on a TV, they’re watching video clips, checking their email and surfing the web on their phones, tablets and laptops.

If advertisers are not reaching voters on both TV and online through integrated multi-screen marketing plans, they’re missing impressions that can make the difference in a political race.

The Right Message for the Right Audience

Which issues are most important to the voters you’re trying to reach? That may be different based on where they live and what they watch. With the ability to segment your advertising demographically and geographically, Comcast Spotlight can ensure an advertiser’s message resonates with the desired audience.

To see how the power of TV and online advertising together can work for political candidates or advocating action regarding ballot initiatives or issue advocacy, contact one of Comcast Spotlight's political specialists today:

Dan Sinagoga – Vice President of Political Advertising Sales
Tel: 248-723-2513, E-mail: dan_sinagoga@cable.comcast.com

John Tierney – Senior Vice President, Sales Strategy
Tel: 917-934-1940, E-mail: john_tierney@cable.comcast.com

And to increase voter interest and understanding by harnessing the power of advanced advertising solutions, visit Comcast Spotlight's Interactive Television (iTV) section.