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Video On Demand Advertising from Comcast Spotlight

Comcast Spotlight's advertising offerings are growing more sophisticated every day and are giving advertisers new and more effective ways to reach highly qualified consumers. Searchlight® is Comcast Spotlight's Video On Demand platform, providing long-form advertising opportunities.

Searchlight® enables advertisers to leverage dynamic content and pinpoint targeting to engage consumers around the clock. Businesses can now program their own network and effectively target millions of digital cable viewers with Searchlight®. 


Searchlight can take an advertiser's message and transform it into entertaining, compelling and easily accessible content that attracts active consumers. Adding Video On Demand to an advertising campaign allows an advertiser to extend their relationship with their audience beyond the :30 commercial to educate, influence, demonstrate expertise and impact consumer consideration.

Advertisers can choose from any of these solutions:

  • An advertiser-dedicated, on-demand video channel housing multiple videos - a premier opportunity to engage viewers with enhanced brand messaging.
  • A category-themed folder which houses multiple videos – a destination that creates a persistent presence with consumers by providing relevant product and service information around the clock.

  • An advertising tool that lets advertisers convert static marketing pieces into on-demand video content - a new way for consumers to learn about products at their leisure.

  • A sponsorship opportunity - where advertisers can create an on-demand presence by associating their brand with premiere network programming and other professionally-produced content..

From the convenience and comfort of their own homes, digital cable customers can directly access an advertiser's content in Searchlight with their remote controls. The result? An advertiser's message is reaching potential customers when they are ready to buy, resulting in more selling opportunities with very qualified and actively engaged consumers.

Video On Demand Solutions

See how advertisers can link a consumer from a TV message directly to a video on demand message:

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