One Message. Multiple Screens. More Engagement.

Multi-screen Advertising

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Multi-screen Advertising
One Message. Multiple Screens. More Engagement.

First, audiences fragmented across networks as the number of cable channels steadily grew. Then, they fragmented across service providers, as satellite and then telco became popular options for receiving television service.

Now, they’re fragmented across devices, using TVs, computers and mobile devices—sometimes at the same time—to view the content they want, when they want it.

A recent Nielsen study reveals that three in every four internet users have also used television at the same time (Yahoo! and Nielsen). Additionally, ninety-percent of those multitaskers exhibited this behavior at least once per week.

As the fragmentation experts, multi-screen advertising extends reach, builds frequency and provides advertisers with multiple exposures in Comcast homes
across the county.

Comcast Spotlight’s multi-screen solutions include television and online advertising to integrate an advertiser’s message to potential customers in a more engaging and impactful way.

Brand and message recall and message likeability increase significantly when viewers are exposed to both TV and Online advertising.


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