Advertising Solutions

TV Advertising

Your Commercial on the Biggest Networks

Local and regional television advertising solutions marry the unique power of TV as a branding platform with the technology to efficiently target a message to the correct consumer, which enables advertisers to focus on markets that matter most.

Digital Advertising

Bring Your Message Online

Now advertisers can utilize cutting-edge technologies to connect online with millions of potential customers more efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy by delivering contextually and geographically targeted messages.

Multi-screen Advertising

Engaging Audiences through the Power of Video

Through video advertising innovation, our solutions are designed to bring your message to your audience, wherever, whenever and however they’re watching premium video content.

Target Your Customers

We offer various opportunities for you to reach your customers
  • Geographic Targeted Advertising

    You can target the right message to the right customers in just the neighborhoods that matter most to your business through local advertising.

  • Demographic Targeted Advertising

    Reaching audiences on top TV networks and leading digital destinations ensures your business engages with customers interested in your product or service.

  • Reaching More of the Right Viewers

    Now your business can reach more customers than ever, whether they get their TV or internet service from cable, satellite or telephone companies.

  • Interactive Television Advertising

    Your business can combine the reach of TV with the interactivity of the Web and invite customers to engage directly with your advertising.

  • Reach Car Buyers

    Use the power of video across screens and platforms to build your brand where it matters most—in your primary market area.

  • Reach Voters

    Geographically and demographically targeted video advertising puts your messages in front of your most likely voters, whatever they’re watching.

  • Reach Sports Fans

    Buzzer beaters and photo finishes. Hometown heroes and international superstars. There’s nothing like the power of sports programming to build your brand with passionate, engaged fans.

  • Reach Entertainment Consumers

    In this new golden age of television, with more viewing choices than ever, a strategic multiplatform campaign incorporating the multitude of ways viewers discover shows can make all the difference.

Creative Solutions

Every business has a story. We’ll help tell yours.

As your trusted local media partner, we can help you create an impactful commercial that resonates with your audience, from creating a storyboard to post production. We’ll put our expertise and relationships to work to ensure your business shines on TV and digital platforms.

TV & Digital Advertising

Engaging Audiences through the Power of Video

If there’s one thing just about all consumers have in common, it’s that they love their screens. If you add up all the time spent watching video on TVs, computers and smartphones, it’s more than seven full days in a typical month. About 88% of that is spent watching TV.1 That’s a huge opportunity for your business to reach audiences in premium video content across devices. 

TV advertising from Comcast Spotlight puts your brand front and center on the biggest screen in the house as customers watch award-winning dramas, cutting-edge comedy, buzzworthy reality and the most live sports action.

Our relationships with a wide range of service providers means your message can be seen by customers of Comcast, other cable providers and, in many areas, satellite and telco customers through our I+ platform.

Reaching customers on multiple screens is a must, and we have an array of solutions to fit every business’s need.

  • Premium Digital TV: a geographically targetable opportunity to reach customers as they watch their favorite programs from TV’s top brands on computers, mobile devices and video-on-demand.
  • Premium Digital Video: targetable by geography and audience profile, this offers the ability to connect with consumers enjoying professional-quality, brand-safe video created for the web.
  • Display Advertising: banner units—with the ability to include video—coupled with high-impact placements, including the opportunities for homepage takeovers offer a flexible, cost-effective opportunity to extend your message on multiple screens. 


Source: Nielsen, “Total Audience Report Q3 2016,” January 2017

TV & Digital Advertising