Ad Solutions

TV Advertising

Your Commercial on the Biggest Networks

Television advertising solutions marry the unique power of TV as a branding platform with the technology to efficiently target a message to the correct consumer, which enables advertisers to focus in markets that matter most.

Digital Advertising

Bring Your Message Online

Now advertisers can utilize cutting-edge technologies to connect online with millions of potential customers more efficiently and with pinpoint accuracy by delivering contextually and geographically targeted messages.

Multi-screen Advertising

Mix and Match for Maximum Impact

Comcast Spotlight’s multi-screen solutions include television and online advertising to integrate an advertiser’s message to potential customers in a more engaging and impactful way.

Target Your Customers

We offer various opportunities for you to reach your customers
  • Geographic Targeting

    You can target the right message to the right customers in just the neighborhoods that matter most to your business.

  • Demographic Targeting

    Reaching audiences on top TV networks and leading digital destinations ensures your business engages with customers interested in your product or service.

  • Reaching More of the Right Viewers

    Now your business can reach more customers than ever, whether they get their TV or internet service from cable, satellite or telephone companies.

  • Interactive Television (iTV)

    Your business can combine the reach of TV with the interactivity of the Web and invite customers to engage directly with your advertising.

  • Reach Car Buyers

    Use the power of video across screens and platforms to build your brand where it matters most—in your primary market area.

  • Reach Voters

    Geographically and demographically targeted video advertising puts your messages in front of your most likely voters, whatever they’re watching.

Creative Solutions

Do you want to turn your business into a local celebrity?

As your local media partner, we can help you create an impactful commercial that resonates with your audience, all the way from creating a storyboard to post production. We’ll put our expertise and relationships to work for you and your agency to ensure your business stands out on TV and digital platforms.

Digital Advertising

Bring Your Message Online

In a world with a billion websites, effective digital advertising means cutting through the clutter to reach local customers your business needs to grow. Video and display advertising on the websites consumers visit every day extend your advertising reach and increase brand recall, create demand and drive traffic to your site.

We can segment your audience based on demographic and geographic data to ensure your message has the maximum impact. You can also add interactive features to your ad, linking directly to your website and social media profiles, beginning a vital one-to-one conversation with your customers.

Comcast Spotlight’s digital solutions ensure your online advertising has maximum reach and impact on sites like and targeted networks like NBCU Digital Entertainment. You can learn more by downloading our one sheets below. 

Digital Advertising