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  • Cable Shines with the 2017 Primetime Emmy® Award Nominations

    Submitted by Brian Harder

    Jul 17, 2017 - 03:26

    The 2017 Primetime Emmy® Award nominations came out last week and cable networks had an impressive showing, for sure.  FX led the pack with 54 nominations, beating out popular networks like ABC with 34, CBS with 29, FOX with 21, Hulu with 18, and PBS, once considered the best at quality programming, only had 11 nominations.  Additionally for cable, National Geographic received 15 nominations, AMC got 11 and A&E and BBC America both were nominated for 10 Emmys®. Cable is well r

  • Take a Bite out of the Competition with Sharks—and more July Advertising Opportunities

    Submitted by Staff

    Jun 20, 2017 - 02:07

    While they may be ideal for vacations and leisure, summer days are no time to take your eye off the ball when it comes to building your brand. With cable TV continuing to crank out great original programming, it’s actually an ideal opportunity to keep pushing ahead with your multi-screen video advertising strategy. We’ll lead off a look at July with one of summer’s most anticipated television stunts, Discovery’s annual Shark Week. Beginning July 23, the 29th annual spectacle will feat

  • Released: NFL Schedule Includes Nearly 40 Monday, Thursday and Saturday Prime-Time Match-Ups

    Submitted by Staff

    Jun 6, 2017 - 11:09

    The NFL is the most powerful brand in sports, representing a legion of sports fans who are dedicated, passionate and deeply committed to the game of football. These fans bleed their teams’ colors and seldom miss a game. When they’re not tailgating or at the game, they’re watching at home or on the go…..on TV, tablets or smart phones and often more than one at a time! Recently, the NFL has announced the 2017 schedules for all 32 teams and some of the best matchups are already the topic

  • Get Your Business in Top Shape with Sports Advertising This Summer

    Submitted by Chris Ellis

    May 23, 2017 - 02:08

    Whether it’s on the greens, the track, the hardcourt, the pitch or the diamond, sports programming attracts viewers like few other types of content. Cable has more sports action than any other media platform, and your business can take advantage of that powerful consumer interest. What’s more, with digital video advertising opportunities, you can reach the same types of local audiences on multiple screens, giving your advertising a real home-field advantage. Now, let’s run down many of

  • Stitchers and Walkers, Divas and Nails—Cable has them all in June

    Submitted by Chris Ellis

    May 17, 2017 - 04:12

    The school year is almost over, days are getting warmer, and the unofficial start to summer is within sight. That means June is close, as are nearly endless opportunities to reach prospective customers. Maybe they’re looking for a new car to cruise around town, new patio furniture, a vacation getaway—or maybe they were over-eager weekend warriors, looking for a doctor about those aches and pains. Whatever they need, they’ll be watching about four hours of TV each day on average*, and they